Open Science

It is important to have the science open to the public and those of limited access. 

Hence, on the publication page here, I provide direct .pdf links to all of my manuscripts. 


Additionally, one thing that I feel to have contributed nicely is creating a bunch of figures, logos, schematics, etc. Below you will see thumbnails for some of them (those that I am able to change and distribute under creative commons, and without breaking any licensing agreements). Clicking on the link will give you the original high-quality vector graphics  .svg or .cdr file. Most of those have been also uploaded to the figshare, feel free to cite the .doi if you use the figure as is. Or, feel free to modify it to your personal use!

Graphene MEAs

Defects in Graphene

Electrolyte GFET Interface capacitance

Graphene Fabrication

Neuronal cells and APs

HL-1 cells and corresponding APs

Electronic Properties of Graphene

Neurons on graphene

Graphene Bioelectronics

Neuron vs. Cardiac APs

Electrical Double Layer

Compare Si and Graphene FETs