Publication list

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Peer reviewed articles and reviews


2. Mykola Fomin, Francisco Pasadas, Enrique Marin, Alberto Medina Rull, Francisco Ruiz, Andres Godoy, Ihor Zadorozhnyi, Guillermo Beltramo, Fabian Brings, Svetlana Vitusevich, Andreas Offenhaeusser, Dmitry Kireev "Graphene on Silicon Hybrid Field-Effect Transistors" Advanced Electronic Materilas 2023 

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1. Kireev*, K. Sel*, B. Ibrahim, N. Kumar, A. Akbari, R. Jafari, D. Akinwande " Continuous Cuff-less Monitoring of Arterial Blood Pressure Via Graphene Bioimpedance Tattoos" Nature Nanotechnology 2022. SharedIt open-access link.

Several media outlets have reported on this significant achievement: UTexas News Release ; The Daily Texan; KXAN News Station Live Coverage ; IEEE Spectrum; New ScientistACS C&EN ; Daily Beast ; Physics World ; Physics Org ; CNN;


2. D Kireev*, S Liu*, H Jin, TP Xiao, CH Bennett, D Akinwande, JA Incorvia "Metaplastic and Energy-Efficient Biocompatible Graphene Artificial Synaptic Transistors for Enhanced Accuracy Neuromorphic Computing" Nat Commun 13, 4386 (2022). Link.


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5. A. Svetlova, G. Beltramo, D. Kireev, A. Offenhäusser"Quartz crystal microbalance monitoring of large-area graphene anodization reveals layer fracturing" MRS Advances (2021). Open Access SharedIt Link.


6. Dmitry Kireev, Emmanuel Okogbue, Jayanth RT, Tae-Jun Ko, Yeonwoong Jung, Deji Akinwande "Multipurpose and Reusable Ultrathin Electronic Tattoos Based on PtSe2 and PtTe2" ACS Nano 2021  PDF Copy



1. Y-B. Chung, D. Kireev, M. Kim, D. Akinwande, and S.-J. Kwon “Enhanced Heat Dissipation Performance of Chemical Doped Graphene for Flexible Devices” Journal of Korean Physical Society in press 2020. Link.

2. Oluwadamilola Oshin, Dmitry Kireev, Hanna Hlukhova, Francis Idachaba, Deji Akinwande, and Aderemi Atayero “Graphene-Based Biosensor for Early Detection of Iron DeficiencySensors 2020, 20, 3688 PDF Copy 

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3. Timm Hondrich, Bohdan Lenyk, Pegah Shokoohimehr, Dmitry Kireev, Vanessa Maybeck, Dirk  Mayer, Andreas Offenhäusser, “MEA Recordings and Cell-Substrate Investigations with Plasmonic and Transparent, Tunable Holey Gold” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2019), 11 (50), 46451-4646 PDF Copy

4. Kaan Sel, Dmitry Kireev, Alexander Brown, Bassem Ibrahim, Deji Akinwande, Roozbeh Jafari, "Electrical Characterization of Graphene-based e-Tattoos for Bio-Impedance-based Physiological Sensing” IEEE BioCAS Conference (BioCAS), October 17-19, 2019, Nara, Japan. 


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Book Chapters


Dmitry Kireev, Dario Sarik, Bernhard Wolfrum, Andreas Offenhaeusser “Method for transferring graphene pieces onto a substrate”, DE 102015016143.1 & US10593762B2. PDF Copy.

Conferences, proceedings, and oral talks

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  2. Nikita Nekrasov, Aleksei Emelianov, Dmitry Kireev, Nejra Omerović, Ivan Bobrinetskiy. Photosensitive junctions based on UV-modified graphene and inkjet-printed organic molecules.
    Conference: Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices II;
  3. Oluwadamilola Oshin, Dmitry Kireev, Deji Akinwande, Emmanuel Adetiba, Francis Idachaba, Aderemi Atayero. Advancing PoC Devices for Early Disease Detection using Graphene-based Sensors. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1378 (3), 032031
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